Community Service Award

Community Service Award

Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for the Smithville Community Service Award.  The recipient of this award will be presented at the Smithville Community Awards Dinner on Saturday, April 14, 2018.  Any Chamber member or citizen of the Smithville area may submit a nomination.

The selection criteria are as follows:

1.      Accomplishments must be based on projects that affect the citizens of the Smithville area. Consideration will not be limited to achievements or contributions during the year immediately preceding the year of the award, but shall be cumulative over a period of years in the community. 

2.      Potential recipients include churches, social organizations and other organizations with a 501(c)3 or other registered nonprofit status.

3.      This award is intended to honor an outstanding organization that has made a significant contribution to our local community.

4.      It is designed to recognize the best, most innovative, highly creative and most effective organization in accomplishing their goals.

5.      Membership of the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce is not a requirement for the nominee.

6.      Please describe to us in the space below, why you feel the individual you have nominated deserves the Smithville Community Service Award.  

7.      The Chamber office must receive entry no later than Friday, March 16, 2018, 12:00 p.m.

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